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If your hot water heater has suddenly stopped producing hot water, or if you are looking to increase the effeciency and supply of hot water to your home, you have come to the right place! Here at Action Air & Plumbing we provide fast, affordable, and reliable water heater installation in Midland, Tx. Here at Action Air & Plumbing, we are the local experts on hot water heaters having installed hundreds of units throughout our many years of service in Midland County. Our pride and workmanship shine through on every job we undertake, ensuring every customer receive only the best quality water heater installation service, at the most affordable prices possible. When you call on us to perform you water heater installation in Midland, you can rest assured that all work will be done up to code following all of the city regulations. All of our installation are done quickly, affordably, and on budget, every time. Whether you live in a home, or condo, have a large office building or gym, we have a water heating solution for you. 

How do I know my water heater is past the point of repair?

If there is a leak anywhere near the water heater you need to investigate further.  Typically if the leak is indeed from your water heater, pooling will be visible at the base of the unit. Once a water heater has begun leaking, it means the tank is compromised and that it will need to be replaced. Speed is of the utmost importance here as you don’t want the unit to fail completely and leak 40 or 50 gallons of water all over your homes flooring. Water leaks can cause $1,000’s in damages to a home or business!

Considerations when shopping for a new hot water heater

If you need to enter the market for a new water heater there are some items you need to consider before making a final selection on the unit that is best for you. 

  • The size: The size of the new heater should be relatively similar to the size of the old heater, unless your family size has shrunk and less water is used. If the house is still home to your entire family it’s best to replace the heater with one that holds between 40 and 50 gallons of water.
  • The type of unit: There are two types of water heaters on the market: tankless and storage. A tankless heater does not hold as much water as a storage tank, so you need to think about your choice here based on your family size.
  • Utility: Do you have a gas-powered water heater now? Make sure you choose the new heater based on this utility. If the current heater is powered by electricity you will need the new one to be the same, unless you decide to convert your home to gas.
  • Heating cost: It’s also a good idea to take cost into consideration when choosing a new water heater. Many people like to go with high efficiency appliances when buying new. This will be more expensive at the outset but the savings on your utility bills will recoup most of the cost over time.
  • Experience: Finally you’ll need to consider the company you hire to perform you water water installation in Midland. You’ll want fo find a well reviewed, experienced, licensed plumbing company to ensure that you get quality service, done to code, at a fair and affordable price! We are here for you!

How long should I expect my new water heater to last?

A water heater typically lasts anywhere from 10 to 15 years if it is powered using electricity. The same can be said if electricity is used to heat the water. If the heater is powered and heated using gas or propane, you can expect it to last anywhere from eight to 12 years.

Can I install my new water heater myself?

The installation of a brand new water heater is a complicated project. It’s always best to leave these large projects up to the professionals who have the experience to handle any issues that might occur along the way. 

If you come across a leak, rust, or other issue with your water heater it’s time to make a call to a local plumber in Midland, TX. You can trust in the experience and reliability of us here at Action Air & Plumbing to assist you in finding the solution that is right for you! Call us today to schedule your water heater installation in Midland Texas. We are standing by ready to help!

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