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Our team of licensed professionals are standing by to provide you with top of the line plumbing and AC services in Midland, TX!

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In business since 1985, we began in Lubbock and expanded to the Permian Basin in 2000. With our experience and emphasis on customer service, you can feel safe that you chose the right company.

We take pride in making sure the job is done right the first time. High-quality work, competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. We want to earn your business today and keep it for the future.

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Prompt, Professional Service – Our professionally trained technicians make sure your problem is fixed right the first time. Your technician is not only trained to care for your equipment, he’s trained to care for your home.

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Action Air and Plumbing is built on providing superior customer service. Action Air and Plumbing has many loyal, satisfied customers throughout the Permian Basin and Lubbock, Texas. This has been obtained by providing customer service that is 2nd to none. From heating, plumbing, air conditioning and septic installations, Action Air and Plumbing offers it all with a smile. Give us a call today and we will be more than happy to help!
Whether you need your furnace, heat pump or air condtioner repaired or are looking to replace your equipment with an efficient Rheem Comfort System. Our Technicians are trained to provide you with accurate diagnosis, and upfront pricing that fits your budget. We also offer FREE Second Opinions if you would like a second look at a previous company’s diagnosis.
From old homes to new homes, remodels or commercial property, our experienced plumbers have the ability to effectively diagnose and solve your plumbing problems. Action Air & Plumbing prides itself on building a reputation of the very highest quality plumbing work, unmatched plumbing expertise, and most importantly; the most honest business in the plumbing industry.
We provide complete Commercial HVAC and Plumbing repair and service to fit your business’ needs. Office, Retail, Apartments, and Restaurants. We also partner with Midland’s finest contractors for new construction and remodel projects.

Offering complete turn key Septic Installations, including site evaluation, design, and installation. We are also specialists in soil substation systems where the native soil is found to be unsuitable.

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Our technicians can perform all plumbing & HVAC services including:

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Callum Hurst
Callum Hurst
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"We had an issue with our kitchen plumbing that we couldn't fix ourselves. They got us set up with an immediate appointment, fixed the issue fast, and the price was good. Will definitely use them again in the future."
Dominga D.
Dominga D.
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"I would totally recommend Action Air & Plumbing for any home project. They gave us a free quote. We like what we heard so we scheduled our project. They got here on time and they were very respectful, profesional and the work was completed in a timely fashion to our complete satisfaction..."
Jerry Rinehart
Jerry Rinehart
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"Action replaced all my fresh water linrs throughout my home & to the city water meter. I am very impressed with their work & professionalism."
Cindy I.
Cindy I.
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Those poor guys were out in 114 degree heat for over 5 hours installing the new unit and getting it going. They were very cheerful and helpful! Showed us the best filters to get (not the most expensive) and the office even helped us get interest free financing! Everyone was friendly and helpful and got us cool again!!
Mike Carillo
Mike Carillo
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These guys are very professional and informative. Reasonable priced for our market and have earned my repeat business

Plumber in Midland Texas

Becoming a homeowner in Midland, TX is a special time in anyone’s life. That excitement can quickly come to an end when a plumbing issue crops up in the home. That’s why it’s always best to have the phone number of a trusted plumber in Midland, TX on hand in case of unforeseen plumbing emergencies. The team at Action Air & Plumbing Service has been in business since 2000, bringing more than 18 years of experience to every plumbing project we handle for both residential and commercial customers.

Trusted Midland, TX Plumbers

Whether you need a leak located, a clog removed, a sewer line replaced, a septic tank emptied or any other plumbing service, our team of licensed plumbers in Midland is here to provide you with prompt, quality service when scheduled or in emergency.

Should you notice a puddle in your home near an appliance or bathroom fixture, you likely have a leak somewhere in the line. How can you detect the leak? For starters, it’s best to call a plumber to your home to help find the leak. A plumber will ensure no water is being used in the home and then examine all the sinks, tubs, showers, and drains. If required, the plumber can utilize our state of the art leak detection equipment to pinpoint the location of the plumbing leak.

Drain cleaning is a common service offered by our experienced plumbers in Midland, TX. Are you experiencing drains that empty slowly? Your shower might take a while to drain even after you turn off the water. Maybe the sink backs up while you are shaving. Your toilet might have trouble flushing. These are all signs that you need to have one or all of these drains cleaned. Debris can easily accumulate in your drains, especially if you have children who might drop something in the toilet. Our plumbers will snake the drain in question and remove any and all debris found, which typically includes hair.

The water heater in your home is one of the most important appliances. You need to make sure it is in good working condition at all times. Water Heaters are responsible for providing hot water for your home’s showers, baths, for washing your hands and for cleaning your dishes and laundry. Should you notice corrosion, a leak, or a faulty valve on the water heater it will need to be repaired immediately by a licensed plumber. These are not repairs that should be handled on your own. Give us a call today to schedule your water heater repair in Midland Texas.

If the issues with your water heater mentioned above cannot be repaired due to their severity, you will need to have the appliance replaced. The installation of a new water heater is a massive project. It can take anywhere from one to two workdays to complete. Depending on the type of fuel you have in your home this can be a very tricky project to handle by yourself. Whether you have a heater powered by electric, gas, or propane, the water heater installation should be performed by a member of our trusted team in order to avoid any problems along the way.

There might come a time in your life as a homeowner where you will need to have the sewer line repaired. The most common causes of sewer line repairs include a tree root growing into the line, a crack in the line, a clog in the line, and corrosion. For the most part, these issues can be handled with repairs. Should the issue be so complicated that the line needs to be replaced, a trusted plumber in Midland, TX can handle this large project. The replacement of a sewer line will require heavy equipment to dig out the old line and then place the new line in service for your home.

Is there a septic tank on your property? If so, it means that you do not have sewer service. Despite this, it doesn’t mean you won’t come across some problems with the tank, especially older ones. Septic tanks do not last forever, which is why you need to maintain them as much as possible. Your septic tank should be pumped (emptied) at least once per year. If you have a large tank but limit your water use due to a small family, you might be able to have it pumped every two years. Either way, septic tank pumping must be performed by licensed professionals who come to your home with a tanker truck.

Don’t be left out in the cold or powerless again! We are a Cummins Standby Generator installing the industry leading systems. With increasing instability in our nation’s electric grid, get the comfort of your own backup power source!

The experienced team at Air Action & Plumbing in Midland, TX is known for providing prompt and reliable service for any and all plumbing projects you require. With more than 20 years of experience in the area, our plumbers are highly-trained, knowledgeable, and have the equipment necessary to pump your septic tank, replace your sewer line, clean your drains and much more. You can put your trust in our team to tackle plumbing issues that crop up at a moment’s notice.

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Cindy I.
Cindy I.
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They were very cheerful and helpful! Showed us the best filters to get (not the most expensive) and the office even helped us get interest free financing! Everyone was friendly and helpful and got us cool again!!
Callum Hurst
Callum Hurst
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We had an issue with our kitchen plumbing that we couldn't fix ourselves. They got us set up with an immediate appointment, fixed the issue fast, and the price was good. Will definitely use them again in the future.
Betty R.
Betty R.
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I had an estimate from another company who stated I needed to replace my drain at a cost of approximately $1,000. So I called Action Air to get a second opinion, and...I was thrilled with the result.