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Leak Detection

Leak Detection Odessa, Tx

If you suspect that your home or business has fallen victim to a plumbing leak you have come to the right place! Rest assured that you are one call away from having any question you have answered by an honest, reliable, and straight-forward plumbing company. Here at Action Air & Plumbing we pride ourselves on offering fast, accurate, and affordalble plumbing leak detection in Odessa, Tx.

Our primary focus when investigating, locating, and repairing a water leak is to mitigate any potential damage that the leak may be causing. From shifting foundations due to water errosion, to flooding and increased water bills, there are no shortage of ways plumbing leaks can cost homeowners large sums of money. The first step is to pick up the phone and call a licensed plumber to provide you with an estimate for leak detection in Odessa. Our team is standing by in full-stocked trucks equipped with non-invasive leak detection equipment, ready to serve you!

Experience Matters

Give us a call at (432) 620-8900 today to schedule your leak detection service. By putting our licensed leak location specialists to work you will be taking the very important 1st step of stopping future damage to your home and belongings. Our state-of-the-art leak detection equipment is operated with precision to ensure the swift detection of any plumbing leaks on your property.

Once the leak is located we will provide you with a written estimate detailing options for repairing the leak. This is where experience will save you money. Inexperienced plumbing companies might advertise for plumbing leaks but locating a hidden leak under a slab foundation takes years of experience using extremely expensive leak detection devices; While locating a leaking faucet and swapping out a part can be done by just about anyone. Do not fall victim to inexperienced plumbing companies and run the risk of incurring unnecessary repair and renovation costs. Call the local Odessa leak detection experts at Action Air & Plumbing today at (432) 620-8900!

We Can Locate and Repair All Plumbing Leaks

As a full service plumbing company capable of handling a multitiude of plumbing issues we get calls for all types of plumbing work every day. The most common types of plumbing issue we see are leaks. Sometimes these leaks occur under slabs, toilets, showers or drains. Regardless of the location, we can find and fix them quickly and affordably!

One of the most costly plumbing issues that a home or business can have, plumbing leaks can be responsible for massive amounts of water loss each month. To give you an idea of how much water can be lost, a leaking faucet that drips just 1x per second, or a cracked pipe dripping at the same rate, will waste roughly 1,100 gallons of water in a single month! On top of the increase in water usage plumbing leaks can cause significant damage to your home—including your flooring, walls, foundations, and more.

If you think suspect a plumbing leak is present in your home or business, don’t wait to schedule your leak detection in Odessa!

How are Slab Leaks Detected?

It wasn’t long ago that the only viable option for locating a leak under a slab was drilling or jackhammering right through the foundation of a home or business. Not only is the process destructive by  nature, it is also quite expensive when you consider the cost of laying new concrete after the leak is repaired and replacing torn up wood flooring, laminate, carpet, and baseboards. Thanks to advancements in technology over recent years there is now a much better way! Our team of leak experts can utilize non-invasive, non-destructive equipment to pinpoint the source of slab leaks quickly and affordably!

What are the Signs of a Slab Leak?

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Todd Mitchell
Todd Mitchell
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We had a gas leak (gas company shutoff our meter) on a Thursday evening. Contacted Action Air and they were very responsive and had the leak fixed before end of day Friday. They had their part done ASAP. Not so good with the gas company - they did not get our gas turned back on until the following Tuesday. I would recommend Action Air - quick/quality work/friendly.
John Stewart
John Stewart
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These guys did an amazing job! They replaced my system in our home and did so quickly with great a reputable brand. I have had them work on other items before and they will always be my first call. Extremely professional and ensure you understand why and what is being done!! Thanks!
Tyler Wellborn
Tyler Wellborn
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I had a slab leak, located in my garage. I called made an appointment, and they showed up when they said they would. Sam, was able to locate and fix the leak without having to tear out too much of the slab. They repaired the leak and the slab in the same day. Highly recommended!