Water Heater Repair Odessa, Tx

Has your water heater stopped functioning properly? Have you noticed a decrease in overall hot water supply in your home? Or has your water heater stopped functioning entirely leaving only cold water flowing through the faucets? Regardless of the issue you are experiencing our team of licensed plumbing technicians is standing by ready to help. Here at Action Air & Plumbing we provide fast and affordable water heater repair in Odessa and it’s neighboring cities and towns!

Give our Odessa based water heater specialists a call at (432) 620-8900 to schedule your same day water heater service in Odessa. We will dispatch a qualified plumbing technician to inspect your hot water heater and diagnose any issues it is having. Here at Action Air & Plumbing we always look to repair a unit and its components before moving onto a complete replacement. In most cases, if you call us before noon Mon-Fri, we can provide you with same day repairs throughout Odessa.

Rheem, Bradford White, State, Kenmore, Bosch, GE, AO Smith, we serve them all! Our skilled plumbers are well versed in repairing all major brands of water heaters! Whether you have a burned-out heating element, a leaking unit, a failing pressure release valve, or a different issue we have you covered.

You can trust our team to assist you with water heater repair in Odessa. Rest assured that when you pick up the phone to call Action Air & Plumbing, you are choosing a locally owned company with over 20 years experience serving home and business owners just like you!

Common Water Heater Issues

– Improper Maintenance- When it comes to maintaining a hot water heater, most homeowners simply forget. The water heater tucked away in their garage or water heater closet in their home doesn’t get thought about a lot. It is usually not until a water heater fails that any attention at all is directed its way. Pressure release valves need testing, anode rods need checking, and tanks need flushing to ensure that you get the maximum number of years out of your unit.


– Sediment Accumulation- When water heater tanks go unflushed, sediment will accumulate in the tank leading to a drop in water heating efficiency. Not only will the build up of sediment slow down hot water production, it will also push sediment into recirculating lines causing additional issues!


–  Water Leak- With age comes corrosion and with corrosion comes the potential for leaks in your water heater. When a unit leaks we typically take this as a sure sign that a new water heater will need to be installed before significant water damage occurs in your home!

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