Water Heater Installation Odessa, Tx

Are you looking for a new water heater for your home or business? Maybe you’re looking to increase your supply of hot water, maybe you’re interested in upgrading to an energy efficient model, or perhaps your water heater has completely stopped working and is beyond repair?

Regardless of the circumstance our plumbing professionals here at Action Air & Plumbing are standing by ready to help! Our team has the expertise necessary to perform both fast & affordable water heater installation in Odessa TX the same day you call! As a locally owned and operated company we pride ourselves on being of service to our community. This means we strive to provide superior quality service, exceptional customer service, and affordable pricing.

When you call on our Odessa based plumbers to serve you we will answer the phone with a friendly greeting and a smile you’ll be able to feel! We will answer any questions you might have and do our very best to schedule your water heater installation in Odessa, Lubbock, or Midland, Texas, when it is convenient for you.

Water Heater Installation Considerations

1) Tank Capacity

When dealing with a standard tank water heater, most units will be sold based on the number gallons they hold. Amongst the most common sized tanks are 40 and 50 gallon units. As you might have guessed, the size of the tank will determine how much hot water supply is available to your home at one time. Running the dishwasher, showering, and washing laundry all require hot water. Typically a 40 gallon unit is an appropriate size for a family of 3-4. 50 gallon units are also a great choice for families of 3-6.

2) Water Heater Types

Storage Tank

Storage tanks are far and away the most common type of water heater in use throughout the the state of Texas. Just as the name suggests, a standard or storage tank unit consists of an insulated tank that stores heated water for use. When you open a faucet in your home and turn the handle to “hot” water from this tank will emerge through the tap.

When deciding between electric and natural gas it is important to note that based on energy costs,  natural gas heaters typically cost less to run than electric heaters.

Tankless (On-Demand) Water Heater

As opposed to utilizing a large storage tank to keep pre-heated water ready for use, tankless water heaters use an on-demand heating system. This means that cool water flows through the tankless heating unit and is heated instantly via heating coils. More energy-efficient than a storage tank, tankless water heaters have been on the rise over recent years. Be prepared to spend a little more up front to save in the long run with these units as they are more pricey than their tank storage counterparts.

3) Energy Source

When it comes to the energy source for your new hot water heater it is usually a good idea to go with whatever source you are already using for your current unit. Homes in Texas, much like the rest of the US, are built to run major appliances off of one specific energy source. This varies from state to state and within a state by rurality. Whether the primary source for your home is gas or electric, it is not going to be a huge difference in monthly costs. Gas edges out electric at an average cost of roughly $30 per month, while electric comes in at $42 on average for a family of 4.