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If you were to build a list of exciting and glamrous jobs associated with constructing the home or business of your dreams, septic tank design and installation might not make the top of that list. However, it will serve as one of the most vital components of any home or business! Here at Action Air & Plumbing our team of licensed plumbing professionals specialize in layout, design, and new septic tank installation in Odessa, Texas. For many years we have been one of the leading local plumbing and HVAC companies performing affordable & reliable septic system work in Odessa, Lubbock, Midland and the surrounding areas. If you live in Midland County, Ector County, or Lubbock County, our qualified team of local plumbers and engineers can design, layout, and install the perfect septic system for your residential or commercial project.

Choosing A Septic System: Things to Consider

Here at Action Air & Plumbing, we are more than happy to walk you through the ins and outs of septic system design and installation. The process can seem a bit overwhelming at first but in the right hands it really can be a breeze! Below we outline some of the key considerations for determining the size and type of septic system that is right for each project.

– Pumping System: When a pumping system is installed in a home it’s job is to pump effluent from the septic tank to a drainfield or seperate water treatment unit. Pumping allows for septic tank installation on landscapes where a gravity fed tank is not an option.

– Pump Types: There are two types of pumps that can be responsible for keeping waste moving without hindrance through a septic system: a turbine and centrifugal. Coming in at a higher cost, a turbine is typically more reliable. A centrifugal pump works well enough, but budget will typically play a role in which pump type is right for you.

– Gravity Systems: In a gravity septic system wastewater will enter a septic tank via a process referred to as “gravity flow”. Effluent is pushed through a network of pipes to the drainfield. These systems do not need pumps.

– Tank Design: There are a few different septic tank designs that are common for use in residential properties. There are a number of determining factors such as the type of soil or dirt in a yard. Upon our initial visit to a property we can usually tell pretty quickly whichs system is appropriate for your specific situation.

– Septic Tank Size: Far and away the most important consideration in designing and installing a new septic tank is size. Daily water usage will be the greatest indicator of the type of system your home will need.

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Being a locally owned and operated family business, we take pride in the quality of work we provide our neighbors, family members, and friends. We love providing our fellow townsman with new septic system installation in Odessa, Lubbock, Midland, and throughout the West Texas area! When you hire us to design, build, and install your new septic tank or complete septic system, you’ll have the disctinct benefit of receiving honest and upfront pricing and an attention to satisfaction that cannot be matched.

Here at Action Air & Plumbing we believe our quality workmanship developed through decades of experience is second to none. Our team of plumbing professionals can confidently craft a septic system design that is approved in any county in West Texas. During your septic tank installation in Odessa, Tx, we will perform all necessary work from excavation to the back filling and everything in between. Minimizing the need for additional contractors that can exceed budgets or delay contracts. With Action Air & Plumbing the buck stops here.

To experience the Action Air & Plumbing difference give us a call and we’ll gladly schedule a free, no-obligation septic system installation estimate in Odessa, Lubbock, or Midland Texas this week!

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