Septic Pumping

Septic Pumping

A septic system is one component of the mechanical systems for your home that falls under the heading, “out of sight, out of mind” until it stops working.

The basic principles of a septic system design starts with a tank where sewage flows and solids are broken down. From there partially treated water flows to a disposal field where the liquid effluent from the tank is disposed of by leaching into the ground. While this water which should be free of solids leaches into the ground, further treatment is accomplished by aerobic bacteria. The proper sizing and design of a system ensures that no contamination of ground water occurs and as such septic systems are an efficient way to deal with sewage from a home or business.

Septic tanks, like most systems in your home, need to be maintained. They are intended to function as a holding area where solids settle. Anaerobic bacteria break down these solids slowly over a period of days. A small percentage of solids never do not break down and build up as sludge in the bottom of the tank. This is normal, however if the tank gets so full of sludge that it begins flowing out from the tank into the disposal field it does not take long for the disposal field to fail. Once a field fails there is very little that can be done to recover it and usually requires replacement.

The State of Texas recommends having you septic tank pumped every 2 to 3 years to prevent sludge from passing through into the disposal field causing system failure. When we pump your septic tank we use specialized equipment to stir up and vacuum out all of the sludge and scum built up over time. We inspect the different components of your tank to be sure everything is working the way it is intended to work.

Many homeowners are unaware of this and allow their system to go for years without pumping because everything seems to be working just fine. Not until their sewer backs up do they make the call for pumping the tank, however many times the damage at this point has already started. Just like getting the oil changed in you car to prevent engine failure, your septic tank needs care and maintenance too. Your car’s engine is to expensive to chance not spending a little money on maintenance. So too your homes’ septic system is an expensive item to replace when only a little maintenance can insure its long life.

Call Action Air and Plumbing today. Our septic system experts will take good care of your system and possibly add years to its life.