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Nestled away in the Permian Basin of Midland, Texas, Snively is a small Texan town. A cozy, rural area, Snively is home to a variety of businesses, a strong sense of community, and a unique history. From its beginnings as a railroad town to its present day as an agricultural hub, Snively has been an integral part of Midland’s history. Snively is a small unincorporated town that was first established in 1488 when the Texan and Southwestern Railroads surveyed the area and started the development of the land. In 1888, when the railroad station was completed, the small town was renamed Snively in honor of one of the railroad executives. Snively began to really thrive when, in 1923, oil was discovered in the surrounding area. As oil production in the area ramped up, the town of Snively began to develop in order to facilitate the needs of the growing oil business. As such, a number of businesses and services – including a lumber yard, general store, gristmills, and more – were established in the area. Discover more about Midland, TX here.

In the 1950s, Snively flourished as a popular choice for tourists and travelers. One of the most famous landmarks in Snively is the Hansford County Courthouse, which was built in 1957 and stands to this day as a symbol of the past. Today, Snively is still a small town, but it is much quieter than it was during its heyday as a tourist destination in the 1950s. The town is now mostly composed of agricultural businesses, with many of the original buildings still standing. Though it is small in size and population, Snively continues to offer travelers and visitors a unique glimpse into Texan life. With its close proximity to Midland and its quaint shops, cafes, and other attractions, Snively is sure to keep visitors entertained for days. Click here to read about Exploring the Natural Beauty and Historical Culture of Dellwood, Midland, TX.

In addition to its shops and attractions, Snively is also home to a number of local events, including rodeos, the Hansford County Music Festival, and more. The town also boasts a number of family-friendly attractions, such as its historical museum, art gallery, and movie theater. The town of Snively is a special part of Midland and its surrounding areas, and it is sure to offer travelers and visitors alike an experience that’s sure to stay with them for years to come. Whether you’re looking for a unique adventure or just a peaceful place to relax and take in the Texan scenery, Snively is sure to please. 

Nestled in the heart of Texas is the unassuming town of Snively, Midland, TX. This rustic community has been home to a unique array of cultures, backgrounds, and experiences for over 100 years. From its rich history to its vibrant natural attractions, Snively has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a long-term home, Snively is sure to have something to suit your needs. Snively is also home to a wide array of outdoor activities and attractions. Visitors to the area can explore the majestic beauty of Midland and Snively’s natural surroundings by taking a walk along the trails and paths of the nearby Centennial Park. The park features a variety of outdoor features, including a pond and fishing dock, a birding station, an outdoor amphitheater, and a playground. There are also numerous picnic areas with grills, making the park an ideal spot for barbecues and family gatherings.