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Midland & Odessa

The Bush family has a storied history in Midland, Texas, and the Bush Home State Historic Site is an important reminder of that. Located at 1410 West Ohio Avenue in Midland, the Bush Home State Historic Site is a tribute to George Herbert Walker Bush (grandfather of George W. Bush), a former US President, and his wife Barbara. The five-acre site includes the restored home of George and Barbara Bush and various exhibits highlighting their life and accomplishments during their time in Midland. The residence of the Bush family was built by George and Barbara Bush in 1959 and was the first home they owned together. Recognized today as the Bush Home State Historic Site, it offers visitors the opportunity to explore the heritage and legacy of the Bush family. Upon entering the site, one can immediately feel the presence of the family, feeling the memories such as the time when President George H.W. Bush brought Michael Dukakis during the 1988 presidential campaign trail. Visit this link for Midland, TX facts.

At the site, there are various exhibits that are fascinating and which tell the story of the Bush family and their lives in Midland. One of the most interesting is the “George and Barbara Bush Theater.” This theater provides a venue for special events, and it was once the site of a dress rehearsal for President Bush’s 1984 Republican National Convention Speech. There are also many photographs displayed in panels that date back to when the Bush family first moved into the home in 1959. Another interesting exhibit is the original furnishings of the Bush’s residence. Many of the pieces were donated to the Smithsonian Institute, and some of the more interesting items that are there include the family’s living room sofa, a mahogany desk and chair, and a dessert cart that was used for many happy occasions. The kitchen has also been restored, and its cabinets and fixtures bear witness to the special meals that were once prepared and served within its walls. Information about Exploring the Rich History of Midland’s Permian Basin Petroleum Museum can be found here.

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The Bush Homes State Historic Site also offers many special events and tours. Events such as “Barbara Bush’s Birthday Bash” and the “George H. W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum” are just some of the events held there. There are also special guided tours for groups that provide an in-depth look at the family and their time in Midland. Tour guides share stories and anecdotes about the family as well as providing valuable historical facts. The Bush Home State Historic Site is an important part of the fabric of history in Midland, and it offers visitors the opportunity to really get to know the Bush family. It is open year-round, and admission is free. Whether you’re a history buff, a fan of the Bush, or just someone looking for an interesting place to visit – the Bush Home State Historic Site definitely warrants a visit.

The Bush Family Home State Historic Site also has educational programs throughout the year which introduce schoolchildren and adults alike to the rich history of the Bush family and their time at Midland. Workshops, walking tours, and themed activities give insight into the Bush family’s way of life, as well as the role they played in the world-changing events of the 20th century. The historic Bush Family Home State Historic Site is a journey back in time that educates, entertains, and pays tribute to the important figures of America’s past. Boasting exhibits, educational resources, and a recreation of the family home, the site uses its rich heritage, real artifacts, and coveted memorabilia to allow visitors to explore their own part of the Bush family history.